2201 West Holcombe Blvd., Suite #330, Houston, TX 77030; Phone: (713)796-8200 Fax: (713)796-8203

About Dr. Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson, M.D. is a board-certified Ob-Gyn who has been in private practice at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas since 1996. With an obstetrician father and a mother who is an R.N., she knew she wanted to be an Ob-Gyn from an early age. After receiving a B.A. in biochemistry in 1988 from Rice University, she returned home to Colorado where she graduated with honors from medical school in 1992. Missing the heat and humidity of Houston, Dr. Wilson returned to Houston to do her residency in Ob-Gyn at Baylor College of Medicine. During medical school and residency, she served in the Army National Guard for eight years.

“I feel very fortunate to have found a career that I truly enjoy. Our office is a happy place. My staff is well-experienced, kind and patient. Our patients are diverse and amazing. It is an honor to take care of my patients and to be there at some of their most special moments.”

Dr. Wilson is married to Kent Snider and has a daughter and a son, and an elderly Siamese cat. In addition to spending time with her family, Dr. Wilson likes to read, sleep, watch movies and travel.

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